What I Offer

I work with clients on either a short-term or long-term basis according to the needs of each individual or couple.

After you make contact, I will suggest an initial interview as an opportunity for us to meet, so that you can give me some idea of your difficulties, and gain a sense of whether this process feels appropriate, and I am the right therapist for you. I am fully aware of the demands of time on people’s busy lives, and I am willing to offer appointments before or after work, as well as during the day.

I offer appointments of 1 hour, preferably on a weekly basis, because this allows for the building of relationship and deepening of the work.

Owing to COVID-19, I am currently offering clients appointments via Zoom during the winter.


Individuals – £50 an hour

Couples – £60 an hour

For those struggling with financial difficulties, a reduced fee may be negotiated.

If you are a GP or a clinician looking for an appropriate counsellor or psychotherapist for patient referral, and have any queries, or would like to meet, please contact me.

I also work with students of counselling and psychotherapy throughout their training.